Thank you for your interest in my book.

On Thundering Wings: Homosexuality, Love and the Church on Trial presents the 1999 Greg Dell trial as well as relevant parts of my own life showing how prevailing negative views about gays and lesbians hurt all of us.

Over the course of writing and sharing my unfinished manuscript, friends have repeatedly commented, “I understand the appeal of telling the Dell story but why on earth do you want to unzip the fabric of your own life - showing even the parts that might damage your reputation?” Good question. My answer: Even though it’s uncomfortable, I feel called to tell the whole truth because secrets like mine are part of a larger wound in our society that is hurting - even killing - too many people.

Because of common negative attitudes (represented at the trial conducted by the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church), Dell and pastors like him suffer direct personal and professional damage; families like mine suffer the anguish of collateral damage; the community-at-large is diminished; and the GLBT community feels the sting of one more insult and rejection.

The church, which joins the culture in inflicting the damage, is an institution whose very purpose is, ironically, to spread the good news that we are all loved; that the whole creation is God’s handiwork given to be cherished with gratitude for the richness and beauty of its diversity.

I hope you enjoy the read. Then please join me and a growing chorus of people working for full inclusion, rights and rites for all of God’s beloved community.